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Book is 9”x8.25x.75” New in Plastic shrink wrap. Pictured is my open copy. I mail out brand new sealed copies from Vintage Stock. Inge-Glas production. Copies are limited. I’m happy to gift wrap it for you, complimentary! please message me

A lovely Book on the history of ornaments, German glassblowing artists, a history on the fabulous skilled ornament maker Inge-Glas. History of making ornaments and it’s origin.

O Christmas tree, some delightful history of the Christmas tree we celebrate with every year. Ornament legends, which is an enlightening background on ornaments such as Bells, Mushroom, Frogs, Fruits, Vegetables, Birds, Krampus, Bears, etc.

There is a beautiful section on the Historic German Christmas Museum, and Collectors Information.

This book makes a nice coffee table piece during the holidays to look at or share with your children. Passing down the history and Christmas tradition of our family tree and ornaments is an important bonding time with our children and family.

This book is 86 pages, hardcover, 9x8.25”

A German Christmas Journal Book on Ornaments and Traditions BONUS Vintage new Mi

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