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Composer comes in a special Splinter Box. 


Our New 2023! Limited Gold Edition No. 16 Composer Angel with Stave by Wendt & Kühn is carefully holding in its hands a stave with notes that appear to be dancing up and down. 


The “Composer” impressively embodies the magic that comes from music. Without any words, it can inspire us, make us happy and evoke wonderful memories. The gently curved lines of the stave, the delicate notes and artistically designed treble clef are all plated in 24-karat gold. 


The notes the angel is holding in its hands appear to be dancing up and down. It embodies most impressively the magic that music generates. It awakens emotions without the need for words. But what is the melody hiding within the notes on the stave? With the first notes of “Happy Birthday”, the composer strikes up what is probably the best-known birthday song – to mark the anniversary of the Eleven Dot Angels and the birthdays of all their admirers. 


Lovingly fashioned by hand the figurine expresses the skill of the craftsman in creating an exclusive work of art. This angel will bestow on its owner the magic of music throughout their life.


The angel with gold-plated base is available in a strictly limited edition – only 22,222 of these figurines will bring their owners to experience the magic of music. 


The individual serial number is printed on the underside of each figurine, on the base of its splinter box, and also in the designed leaflet that accompanies it. This makes every angel a valuable and unique piece.


The Limited Gold Edition No. 16 Composer Angel with Stave is approx. 2.5” H


The Limited Gold Edition No. 16 Composer Angel with Stave is also available on a grey base – in an unlimited edition.


Includes Shipping Insurance. 


Please select Blond or Brown Hair


Arrived from Germany 09/20/2023

Composer Angel 2023, with Stave Gold Plated by Wendt & Kühn of Germany 100th Bir

Excluding Sales Tax
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