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An absolute must for any collector of Inge-

glas ornaments or any person passionate

about Christmas! "Christmas and

Traditions" written by Klaus &

Birgit Müller-Blech, this 160 page

comprehensive book is loaded with phtotos,

illustrations and maps and covers the

celebration of Christmas from their unique


The book covers the history of glass

Christmas ornament making; the history of

the Inge-glas firm; the 14 generations of

the Müller-Blech family; a tour of the

Historical Museum in Neustadt; a tour of

the factory illustrating the process in the

production of these glass ornaments.

The creation of this book, like the

Historical German Christmas Museum in

Neustadt was driven by the author's love

for those things surrounding the season of


ISBN 3-00-015431-0

160 pages - 8-7/8 x 12-5/8 inches

DVD Included - "A Visit to the Glass

Blower's Workshop"

Printed in German & English

Published 2008

Christmas and Traditions Book with DVD

Excluding Sales Tax
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