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Caring For Your Ornaments

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Congratulations! You possess an Inge-Glas Star Crown ornament, mouth blown, and hand painted by German craftsmen for generations. In order t care for and protect your ornaments for years to come, please be mindful of the following suggestions. Wrap your ornament individually in acid free tissue papered pack them securely in a box, (preferably acid free, I will link a company to buy direct from), making sure not to place too many layers in a single box. One layer is ideal. The box should be very sturdy and always be made of paper. Plastic bubble wrap and or plastic storage containers do not allow the ornament to have proper ventilation (particularly if stored in a warm place like an attic or in a humid place like a basement). Also be sure to take care to store your items in a safe, dry place away from the water, sun, or fluorescent lights and other outside elements.

We hope you enjoy your Inge-Glas ornaments. We wish you a Merry Christmas today and everyday.

Inge's Elves

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