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2” tall,

Purple and Gold Reflector Kugel Indent by Inge-Glas of Germany.

2001 vintage from new stock. Not displayed.

Please review photos for closer inspection.

Handcrafted glass, hand-painted by skilled artisans in Germany at Inge-Glas.Carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and packaged in a gift box to preserve your precious ornament for many years to come!

Every ornament hand produced by Inge-Glas®️today is a true piece of valuable German heritage and craftsmanship which people enjoy today as much as in the past. The preserved and protected moulds are highly treasured by the family Mueller-Blech for generations to come.

The worldwide recognized and registered 5-point Inge-Glas Star Crown is your further assurance that you have selected the finest glass ornament in the world.

Purple and Gold Reflector by Inge-Glas of Germany

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