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Oberfränkische Glas Miniature Little Girl Doll

Handmade, hand painted. New.

A happy home, delicate, red roofed, windows and a chimney. Iridescent glittered accents. Sky reflecting off the windows. A cute door.

Shipped in a gift box tied with ribbon, acid-free archival paper for storage and protection.

Through regular exchanges, our long-experienced specialists (i.e. glassblowers and painters) at the Doerfles-Esbach manufactory in Germany also train the next generation of workers at our European production facilities.

The progress and quality of these production sites are regularly checked by us and our experts.
This helps us to achieve a consistently high quality of the articles planned and developed at our German headquarters in advance.

This has enabled us to meet the annually increasing high demand of our unique products.

Oberfränkische Glas Miniature Little Girl Doll

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Height: 2.25 inches

    • Handmade

    • Materials: Metal, Silvering, Paint, Glass

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