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2023-2024 Eleven Dot Post Cover from Wendt & Kühn. 


Take a moment to relax and look over the 2023/2024 “eleven dot post” from Wendt & Kühn. 


This is the 4th U.S. edition of Wendt & Kühn’s popular “eleven dot post”.  


There are many articles on new Wendt & Kühn figurine additions for 2020 (nearly 40 pieces) including the Dreamer Angel with Butterfly, the 2020 Anniversary Angel with Spruce and Star and the 100 year anniversary special of Marguerite Angel with Heart & Flower and Wooden Candle. 


Also, a detailed cover story on the creative genius of Olly Wendt, plus the collection pieces that are retiring in 2023 and much more.


I am happy to ship out copies of Eleven Dot Post that I have on hand. I can ship it media mail for a minimal fee. 


Please let me know which issues you’d like. 

Eleven Dot Post Magazine 2023/2024 by Wendt & Kühn of Germany

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