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2” tall, various heights.

6 Piece Decorative Articles Set by Wendt & Kühn.

Brand new, removed strictly to photograph. Will not be removed again unless a customer needs a specific photographic angle.

Gorgeous handmade, hand painted. Brand New. Never displayed, or removed from box prior to me photographing now.

Santa is on his way with a sack full of toys.

I’m an authorized dealer for Wendt & Kühn.

This has never been opened or touched by anyone except the factory until tonight. I’m photographing and returning to its original box. I have catalogs, brochures, boxes, branded bags. The items contain all original pieces and have not been touched by anyone but me. Climate control of course!

Handmade in Germany since 1915.

6 Piece Decorative Articles Set by Wendt & Kühn Of Germany

Excluding Sales Tax
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