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Birthday Angel 2023 with Easel


This Birthday Angel will be produced exclusively in 2023.


The Eleven Dot Angel sits happily in front of an easel and surveys its work. Using a fine applicator and white paint, it has just put the final eleventh dot on the angel wings in the picture. The painting depicts an angel with a small trumpet – one of the first three Eleven Dot Angels designed by company founder Grete Wendt in 1923. What is going through the head of the small painter right now? What was the creator of the angels thinking as she sat, not at an easel but in front of her sketchbook at her desk, and gave shape to her concept of the Eleven Dot Angels for the first time? It must have been a magical moment – one that is still making its mark 100 years later.


The little bench on which the birthday angel is sitting is painted in gold – a fitting color to mark a 100th anniversary. And there is another special feature: The craftswomen at our workshops have, so to speak, assisted the angel in adding the legendary eleven dots to the wings of the angel in the printed picture on the easel. The raised painted dots on this enchanting miniature painting are another charming detail.


The Birthday Angel will be produced exclusively in 2023. A special label on the underside of the base will serve as a reminder of this major anniversary for years to come.


Birthday Angel 2023 with Easel by Wendt & Kühn is imported from Germany. This wooden figurine is handmade and hand painted and comes in a Wendt & Kühn gift box. I add Archival Methods acid-free papers, and satin ribbon at no additional expense, as well as postal insurance. 


The Birthday Angel 2023 with Easel is approx. 2″ H

100th Birthday Angel 2023, with Easel by Wendt & Kühn of Germany

SKU: 650/2023
Excluding Sales Tax
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